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17 February 2014


Dear Mr. Robert Gumede


RE: Letter of thanks and appreciation


I was fortunate enough to attend Mega Partnering Africa 1 and 2. The interview that JT did with you at Mega Partnering Africa 1 did you an injustice in my opinion, but the way you spoke this past weekend at Mega Partnering Africa 2 was all inspiring.

As a young white entrepreneur you spoke to me with absolute confidence and clarity, and your fine sense of humor was truly appreciated, and they way you never stood back to JT was great! You addressed many relevant and real issues that all entrepreneurs face in South Africa, be they black or white, and you showed me that the challenges we face in South Africa is because we are entrepreneurs and not because the color of our skin, and that is one thing that I learned from you and will never forget and I will always give you credit for teaching this to me.


You again proved that the media cannot be trusted, and as you said once they take a stand point against you they don’t change and this is most unfortunate, because the there is more to you than what they are willing to share with us all. Africa needs many more business leaders like you, you are an exemplary example of what entrepreneurs in Africa should strive for and can achieve.


With regard to your talk on Saturday, in my opinion, from a South African entrepreneurs’ point of view, you were by far the best speaker for the whole weekend, you had the whole audience in the palm of your hand and you received more applause than any other speaker this weekend. You spoke for 1 hour but it felt like 10 min, and in the corridors afterwards black and white, young and old spoke of how well and how relevant you spoke to us all, and all were inspired and energized to keep on working and striving for success.


I would never thought of speaking to you about the following, because I naturally assumed that you wouldn’t have much trouble raising investment, but you shared with us of how difficult it is to raise investment for infrastructure projects in Africa, even though there is such great potential all across Africa. If you are interested, I work with a partner firm in the UK, and they have access to a Global Funding Program that offers 100% debt funding for all major project sectors including energy, infrastructure, real estate,

transport and natural resources across the globe. This Global Funding Program is committed to assisting companies fund projects that create jobs, help the environment and make sound financial and commercial sense. So should you have a project or two that requires funding of US$100 million or more let me know.


I’ll come down to your office from Polokwane and you can briefly let me know what you need and I’ll see what funding I can get for your project/s, just let me know when and where and I will be there. In closing, Mr. Robert Gumede thank you for making my time worthwhile at Mega Partnering Africa 2, you were all inspiring, witty and it was such an honor to listen to you, thank you for speaking to us all.


Yours sincerely

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