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He is not afraid to give

Mr Elias Khumalo of KaNyamazane writes.


I was one of thousands of spectators during the Robert Gumede festival last Saturday and how happy i was to have finally sen him in person and hear him speak. It was such a gratifying experience to hear him talk about himself and how he spends his money with the underprivileged and his rich and famous friends. I just thought the man can balance his act.


It is thh second time that he has brought us these international artists, the first was when he got married on our shoes, the community enjoyed it together with him and his family because he is our homeboy for sure. I was impressed when he told us he paid about R6 billion in taxes each year to the government to build us houses and roads, install electricity into our homes and create jobs and economic opportunities and most importantly as well, to pay the politicians salaries.


That was an eye-opener for me and I wasn't aware how these taxes work. I wish all business people can do the same and not brag about their money. This is where Gumede is different. The more he gives to others the more he gets back in return.

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