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Robert Gumede decorated with order of merit

Robert Gumede decorated with The Republic of Congo's Highest Order of Merit by His Excellency President Denis Sassou-Nguesso.


On the 11th of February 2014 at a special event in the city of Congo-Brazzaville, Mr. Robert Matana Gumede received the highest commendation Order of Merit award from His Excellency President Denis Sassou-Nguesso on behalf of the Congo Government and citizens for his valuable and outstanding service to the Republic of Congo and its people.


Gumede, a self-made entrepreneur and philathropist was decorated on the 24th Anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela and the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of the signing of the Brazzaville Peace Accord, which paved the way for the end of the civil war in Angola and the attainment of independence of the Republic of Namibia, thereafter the unbanning of the ANC and the release of inte-alia Nelson Mandela and finally a democratic new South Africa.


The Order of Merit was instituted in February 1959 by the first Congolese President Abb Fulbert Youlou to honor Heads of state and other eminent persons for outstanding acts and services to the Republic of Congo and her citizens.


Robert Gumede is a Pan African global entrepreneur and philanthropist whose diversified business has activities in Africa and the world over. Gumede understands that in order to do business in Africa, there should be an enabling environment with political stability.


"It is important that in order to do sustainable business and investment on the continent that create sustainable jobs, we must ensure that democracy, political stability and sound economic policies are sustained" - Gumede.

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