Mr. Robert Wellington Gumede, Matana, B Juris founded Guma Group (Pty) Ltd in 1995 and has been its Executive Chairman since 2005. Mr. Gumede served as a State Prosecutor in the Nelspruit courts for five years. He started his career as a Clerk in the civil and criminal court in Nelspruit.


In 1992, he moved to Johannesburg where he assumed several key positions: Business Development Director for Africa at Sukhulu Holdings (Proprietary) Limited (from 1992 to 1994), Business Development Executive at LTA Limited and Director of LTA Building (Proprietary) Limited and LTA Housing (Proprietary) Limited (from 1994 to 1996), before realising a dream with the establishment of Gijima. He used the opportunity of working with several multinational companies to learn about the corporate world to prepare for the launch of his own empire.


Mr. Gumede has been the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board at Gijima Group Limited (also known as Gijima Ast Group Ltd). since August 2008. He serves as the Chairman of Tourism Investment Corporation Limited. Mr. Gumede served as Executive Chairman of Gijima Ast Group Ltd. from January 1, 2007 to August 2008 and Executive Deputy Chairman from June 9, 2005 to January 1, 2007. He has been Director of CIC Energy Corp. since April 16, 2010.


He began working at the tender age of seven as a golf caddie, gardener and later as a petrol attendant after school and on weekends, to supplement his mother's meagre income as a domestic worker allowing his siblings to eat regularly and attend school. He proved his ability to turn things around when he undertook to manage a football team in which he had invested. The business industry and its leadership acknowledged him remarkable ability as a strategist, salesman and entrepreneur by nominating and voting him as the South African Chapter runner-up candidate for the World Entrepreneur of the Year 2005. Mr. Gumede obtained a bachelor of law degree from the University of Zululand.

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